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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Bucket List

We can sit here and laugh our heads off at the humor that was placed into this marvelous movie. We can be disgusted by the coffee Edward Cole drinks, the way in which Carter can answer every question on Jeopardy and the relationship they had. But, they had something more and there is much more to gain from this film.

The Bucket list was once describe dto me by my 10th grade biology teacher. He said it was a list of things we wanted to accomplish before we "kicked the bucket." Well, some of those words probably come from this movie. all honesty, why shouldn't we have a list of things we wish to desire in life. For many years I had selfish ambitions. Many of these were worldly things I wanted to see or do. Then, as my faith developed and I surrendered my life to Christ... I realized that my soul desire was to love others unconditionally, with the love of Christ, and deepen those relationships so that they too may know the truth and walk humbly with Christ. Ok, so yeah, its a complex desire...but it is sole honesty. And many of those things remain "on" the list...they are just changed. For instance: I would like to visit the Netherlands...however I would like to do this with my dad. I would like to continue climbing mountains....but I would like to do so with the opportunity to spend this time with my sisters and brothers in Christ.
Faith, is a complex thing....
Edward Cole: I envy people who have faith, I just can't get my head around it.
Carter Chambers: Maybe because your head's in the way.

Carter, is so right. Too often we let our heads get in the way of our faith. "Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see." (Hebrews 11.1) At another point in the movie both men are sitting on top of the pyramids and discussing life. Carter asks Edward Cole two questions:
1. "Have you found joy in your life?"
2. "Has your life brought joy to others?’” do we answer these questions? How do we measure our life? What is the real purpose behind each and every thought and action we take? Are we living our lives as fully surrendered disciples of Jesus Christ...or are we simply crossing off wordly desires that we placed on "The Bucket List?"

Then...there is this line: "I believe that you measure yourself by the people that measure themselves by you." How true is this? We do it all the time. But is it the truth? It is certainly our human nature, but if we measure ourselves by others, we are not measuring ourselves by the grace of God. I reflect on this movie...I reflect on my life and what would happen if I died tomorrow. It is an creepy concept...however it is the truth. How much of a difference would we have made for the Kingdom of God if we passed away tomorrow?