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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I love the odd things we see in the places we live. Sometimes they seem so normal to us...but to the outsider they seem so odd. Other times, we continue to thing they are odd...or we come to a new place, or even a familiar place and notice new things. Things that just don't fit. Now living in the city I cracked up one day as the ice cream man drove down the street. Growing up I always saw the ice cream man in my travels. It was always this truck with a "beautiful" song coming from its speakers. Pictures of ice cream plastered on its side always accompanied by a friendly face. In fact, we even had one come through our small town a couple times one summer. But this time when I saw the ice cream man coming down the street, I couldn't help but laugh at the different sight I saw. Words cannot explain just make your own comments regarding the sight I saw.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Growing up my family was surrounded by families. We lived in a small village where everyone knew who you were, who your parents were and what they did for a living. Everyone was on a first name basis and we could never do anything wrong as kids...because if our parents didn't find out directly...well they would find out from so and so's parents. I can name several families we were close with. There was the Fruscella gang, the Godfrey boys, the Ellis and the Hudons...along with others. Danielle Hudon was four years older than me, her sister Nicole slightly older than her. Though time has past I can still remember the memories so clearly...
Danielle and Nicole were always a source of joy. They were like two older sisters that were always there. When tough times came, we joined together to support them. I can remember going to their house to pack up, make meals, clean and simply be there during their mom's divorce. I can remember visiting them, a 16 hour car ride to Alfaretta, Georgia with my family. Endless hours of playing in the pool, taking pictures when the girls went off to their prom. We were there for the good times, and there for the bad. Danielle gave me one of my favorite stuffed animals, which has since fallen to pieces. They cared for me as a sister. I was there to get them off the bus on our school break, the cute little kid who had nothing better to do. The girls were there to teach the puppies how to swim...or rather throw them in the pool. We spent endless rainy days playing pool, pinball and dangerous games of ping pong in the basement. We spent many sunny days in the pool or screaming our brains out at Six Flags. I am pretty certain the girls played hookie more than once while we visited. ...and now, Danielle has left us in a tragedy that shocked the whole community. Danielle was killed in a murder-suicide in her home in Indian Hills Colorado. Her Boyfriend and her were planning to return to the Barneveld, NY area this month and the landlord was showing the house to perspective tenants when the bodies were found in separate rooms. The boyfriend is the suspect and had also killed the dog. She is survived by her mother: Bambi and stepfather Rogger, Father Dan and his wife Jody. She has a sister, Nicole who lives in Barneveld where the girls grew up. Her cousins, Erica, Ashley and Michael were dear friends of mine growing up. Many other family members have joined together in grieving her loss. Danielle Lynn Hudon: November 12, 1981-August 23, are missed

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Walk In The Woods

I have always enjoyed hiking and trips in the woods. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and the wonders of God's creation. So a book regarding the Appalachian Trail was recommended to me several months ago. During this book the author and his companion begin to and complete most of the trail that runs from Georgia to Maine. As I read this book a lot of things that I had been taught about faith began to make sense. But, it was not until last night's discussion on what it means to stay focused on God and walk forward...did it all sink in. Every time Bryson and Katz veered from the main trail, it seemed other problems arose. Like the time Bryson lost Katz for a day and a half. It is like this in life too. If we stay on the path, looking forward at the perfect peace, we will move forward. But if our focus changes we begin to fall to the side. Our attitude changes, our feelings begin to control us and we lose sight of who God is and what he is doing in our life.
In the same way, we had talked about what it means to trust in God several months ago. If we deny the promises of God we are denying who God is and what he is doing in our lives. for me, this sunk in as I was corrected in recognizing the work God has done in my life. God has recreated relationships, torn them apart, destroyed them and rebuilt them on his terms. He has provided so much for me, financially enough to live on, relationships to support me, a house to live in and so much more. He has taught me to trust in him, to let him control my future, my emotions, my actions. He has given me a hope, a faith, something to trust in. He has given me the opportunity to love and serve others. Why shouldn't I be thankful?

So as I face today with worries, frustrations, burdens and who knows what else around me. But I put my focus on the Goal. I put my focus on what is ahead. I take each moment today moment by moment.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Temporary Buildings

In my five years at Roberts I spent most of my time wandering through the old, ugly, weak and weather worn temporary building of Mersereau. Ok, so we knew the whole time that it was temporary...but it simply became a part of campus. A part that we knew would leave, that we all hated...yet secretly we all found comfort in Mersereau. Dr. Skiff's office was merely a closet on the "3rd floor." Yet somehow we fit three people in there to complete Social Work interviews. Dr. Grinion's offices was larger...but scattered with mounds and mounds of old papers that were never returned....yep...still haven't gotten some back. And the classrooms...there was never a happy medium of warm and cold. In the wintertime you could feel a draft through the outlets. And how about that basement classroom? What did it used to be used as? Oh, of was the rat room for the nursing majors.
So...when I returned to campus and found caution tape around the outside reading DO NOT ENTER...I was shocked! Yeah...we knew that the goal was to move into Carpenter Hall, we knew it was temporary, and we knew that if they moved out...the building was a gonner. It was supposed to happen several years ago...but now...its happening. The tape is up, the building (I am assuming) is empty, and its marked as "condemned." So many memories, so many lessons learned. So many joys and challenges. But...just because they happened in Mersereau...does not mean that they change. My learning is not dependent on where it happened...just that it happened. This eyesore will ceace to exist at Roberts any longer, and it is a joy and a sadness to see it go. But, its time. Goodbye dear Mersereau.

P.S. After talking to a classmate...she informed me that the Chair of the Social Work division said that the building may stand for another year...even if its empty...because there is no money to pay for the demolition. o Roberts!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Under the golden sun...

Seems I have difficulty in updating my blog...o well....i'll get better.
this summer has been full of several adventures. I spent About a week at home with my parents...two more weeks...and then an additional weekend in Alex Bay with my family. For so long I have found it a struggle to return to my biological family. There is tension, hard feelings, regrets...but this summer I found joy in it. We spent endless days swimming, playing games, being a family. I spent a lot of this time even with family I don't get to see very often. And it was such a joy. Trevor came home for a good chunk of the summer, well a week and a weekend and brought Colleen with him...which was nice. He taught me many new wake boarding...and with my family we embarked on many of our old traditions...jumping off rocks...long canoe rides (this time with two kayaks)....and late nights of scrabble and old home videos. For Papa's 70th birthday we all headed to Alex bay for a day on the Uncle Sam's Boat tour. It was lovely and exciting. A great chance to catch up with family we don't see much.

But I also had many adventures. A camping trip with my roommate, a trip to North Carolina for a wedding. And I celebrated yet another year of life and a year of being In Christ. Two very exciting things. With being a year in Christ, I have learned so much, grown beyond where I could have imagined. I am taking on new adventures and becoming who he created me to be. As I reflect on another year on this earth...I spent it joyously with those I love. A day hiking at Chimney Bluffs with family and a friend, spending time with a new family I have come to love and appreciate as we serve them and with brothers and sisters who I love dearly. It was a great way to be celebrating my life by sharing it with others...because as we all know I like to feel loved...but I don't do well when I am the center of attention in groups.
As I look forward to what God has next in my life. I am enjoying spending this time reading, studying God's word, deepening my relationships with others. It is so exciting to see the relationships with those I live with, my discipleship partner and a friend who I have seen more in the last six months...then the rest of the time I have known her these eight years. It is such a joy and I am excited for where God is taking our relationship in the next year.
So...this summer is coming to a close. I still have no job...but am learning to be content with where I am and who I am, trusting that God will provide in his perfect timing.