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Friday, August 24, 2012

Bus Dangers

So here is the latest bus update.....

When you move you have to learn a new bus line. This can be good. It can be bad. In all honesty it is draining. is the latest update on how my last few bus rides have gone.

My first day home from work in my new house...well I thought I was going to die. The bus driver had awful road rage. So...think about that awful driver who has road rage....and put them behind the wheel of a bus. NOT GOOD. one on the bus is strapped in a seat belt and there is much more of an expansive space to fly if the driver slams on the breaks. Well..He did this more than once and I almost fell out of my chair each time.

me: sir can you tell me when we are at parsells and greeley...its one stop before culver road
driver: no
me: excuse me?
driver: you asked if I knew where parsells and greeley was?
me: no... I asked if you could let me know when we are at parsells and greeley...its one stop before culver
driver: I guess so

For the record...he almost passed my stop and I had no idea.

Yesterday I took my old bus home to run an errand. Well she was an encouragement. Not only did she ask if I wanted the same stop as usual but when I said no she offered assistance and struck up a pleasant conversation with me.

Alright...i'm sure we will have more...but not i just avoid the bus as much as possible...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Working with myself

So...this will be a short post because I'm finishing up my work day and not working....

This is the end of my first month or so at my new job. And boy has it been a journey. Today was the first time in a while that I have had absolutely nothing to do. I was sitting here realizing that I am currently being paid to do nothing. But it also gave me an opportunity to reflect on the past few weeks and all that has happened.

When I started this job I thought I knew a lot about vision loss. And I thought I knew a lot about myself. Neither of these were true. I have learned many things about myself and how I can better live. This includes different glasses, different devices and tips to do things more efficiently.
I have also learned a lot about the other difficulties that accompany vision loss. In the midst of me thinking my field is decreasing and my vision getting worse...I am seeing all the things I am fortunate not to have to have. I have never had to get eye injections. I have never needed to wear sunglasses inside except after my eye surgeries or pupils being dilated. I haven't needed to mark various equipment. Things I just took for granted.
I have learned many odd things about my friends. I have other friends with vision loss...and boy have I got a kick out of some of the things the books say about their disorders. For book said that Albinos are "flamboinant". a kick out of that one.

I have also begun building relationships with my coworkers and learned a lot about them and from them.
First of all Wendy makes corn in the microwave in 5 minuts. If you want to know gotta ask.
Lauri likes to break out in song at 8am
Shawna and I have been swapping food details as she is trying to go dairy free.
My supervisor...well we took a class together while I was in grad school.

the list goes on. Let the journey continue.

o yeah...and in case you didn't week after starting my job my job responsibilities/role changed!