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Monday, October 7, 2013

Top Ten foods I miss eating....

So...there is a growing list of foods that I miss eating. Some of them are foods that I don't actually want to eat again because I know their content...others are foods that I still would love to eat...or find ways to make myself that I can eat...or that I find myself cheating with.....

1. Macaroni and cheese
2. Pizza....specifically with extra cheese and PEPERONI
3. Nutella
4. Cheese cake
5. Mom's chocolate chip cookies.
6. Cheese Burgers...I don't mean like a McDonald's Cheese Burger....but I mean a REALLY REALLY good cheese burger
7. Chocolate is an essential part of my life when visiting my grandparents
8. Soft Pretzels
9. Sprinkle sandwiches....if you don't know about this side of will think I'm weird if you ask
10. french toast/pancakes/waffles....

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